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Our New Notecards Are Ready... For Sending Mother’s Day Notes

A HANDWRITTEN NOTE makes a card twice as nice as greetings sent by email or text. Your mom (or mother-in-law) will appreciate the time and effort you took...especially if it’s in a notecard as pretty as these.

As you can see at right and just below, we’ve created a brand-new set of four notecards with idyllic Wisconsin scenes, each selected from editions of the Our Wisconsin Calendar. There are three cards of each scene in the set.

They measure 6-3/4 x 4-3/4 inches, allowing you plenty of room to jot a quick note...and large enough to slip in a few personal pictures to make them even more appreciated.

Just $12.98 for Set of 12. These notecards come in a pretty box with 12 envelopes. At only $12.98, this set costs less than some single cards on the fancy shelf. (A set of these cards makes a nice Mother’s Day gift.)

2024 Notecards

SKU: 14174
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