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Looking for a Good Laugh?


THEN order a copy of this Limericks book.  It’s filled with over 90 limericks…each one as good (or bad) as the other. It’s said with limericks, the worse the pun, the better the joke.

    Here are two samples:

    “My home was once claimed by a mouse…so I set traps all over the house. The hunt sadly ended, I hadn’t intended, to catch the toe of my spouse!”

    “A braunsweiger eater named Kurst, though surely his stomach would burst. His doctor said, ‘Nay, your stomach’s okay, but I’m afraid your liver is wurst!’”

    This book also gives the history of the famed Burma-Shave roadside signs…and includes nearly 200 of the original rhyming jingles.  

    Such as:  Around the corner, lickety-split. Beautiful car, wasn’t it?

    If this book doesn’t make you laugh, we give up.  We’ll send a refund.

Limericks-Best of Burma Shave Signs

SKU: 12711
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