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A Collection of Limericks That Will Leave You Laughing

THERE'S something about a limerick that's undeniable- you're set to chuckle before you begin reading it. Part of the reason is you know it was written by some amateur "poet" with an unusual sense of humor...who fully intended to tickle your ribs with his or her rhythmic form.


Best Burma-Shave Signs of the Past

THE Burma-Shave roadside rhyming jingles were started by Alan Odell in 1925, with $200 he borrowed from his father who owned Burma-Vita Company. Young Allan came up with this idea of an unusual way to promote the family's brushless shaving cream. At first his father hesitated about this "new fangled" approach to advertising. But, reluctant to discourage an ambitious son, he went along with it. And the rest is history.

Limericks-Best of Burma Shave Signs

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