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Good Idea to Call Ahead

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND many of these downhome diners are "small operations". That's why we call them Ma & Pa restaurants. As such, mulitple new small diners keep popping up, and others close. Not often, but it happens. Some might just change hours a bit. 

Call First. Before you drive a distance, we suggest you call the number listed for that diner, to check the hours, and whether the owner still accepts the "$5.00 Off" couplns, in case it's under new management. Plus, they'll know you're coming and count on you. 

Buy one, get one 1/2 off!

Please Read This Before Hitting the Road
YOU'LL GET the full benefit of this unique Directory if you take a few minutes to understand its key features. Such as this:

It's map (see center spread) directs you to over 460 of the BEST Ma & Pa Restaurants across Wisconsin, each recommended by regulars who say it's their "favorite" diner.

How's this for a food bargain?  At the back of this Directory you'll see over 148 "$5.00 Off" discount coupons. They're worth $740 of free food across Wisconsin!  No expiration date.  

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Wisconsin's Best Ma & Pa Restaurants Buy one, get one 1/2 Off

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