Wisconsin's Best Ma & Pa Restaurants 3rd. Ed.
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Good Idea to Call Ahead

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND many of these downhome diners are "small operations". That's why we call them Ma & Pa restaurants. As such, mulitple new small diners keep popping up, and others close. Not often, but it happens. Some might just change hours a bit. 

Call First. Before you drive a distance, we suggest you call the number listed for that diner, to check the hours, and whether the owner still accepts the "$5.00 Off" couplns, in case it's under new management. Plus, they'll know you're coming and count on you. 


Please Read This Before Hitting the Road
YOU'LL GET the full benefit of this unique Directory if you take a few minutes to understand its key features. Such as this:

It's map (see center spread) directs you to over 460 of the BEST Ma & Pa Restaurants across Wisconsin, each recommended by regulars who say it's their "favorite" diner.

How's this for a food bargain?  At the back of this Directory you'll see over 148 "$5.00 Off" discount coupons. They're worth $740 of free food across Wisconsin!  No expiration date.  

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Wisconsin's Best Ma & Pa Restaurants 3rd. Ed.

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