Pretty Way to Bridge Puzzle - 1,000 Piece
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Love Puzzles? 
You’ll Love These to Pieces!

HOW LONG has it been since you’ve put a puzzle together? It’s an enjoyable challenge you can do a bit at a time and watch the scene slowly and fully develop. 

It’s also a great project a family can “work on” while enjoying some warmc onversation. Some people keepa large puzzle on a table in their home, so anyone can fit in a few pieces as they walk past.It gradually becomes a family project getting everyone involved, often for several weeks.
And now,with people spending more time at home, even folks who haven’t fiddled with a puzzle for years are challenging themselves with them again. We know, because they’ve been asking us to produce new ones featuring some of the best pictures from our issues and our calendars. 
Some subscribers say they also want to order extra copies of these puzzles to give to senior centers and hospitals. Assembling these pretty scenes will surely give patients many pleasant hours. 

Fresh Off the Press.
You won’t find puzzles like these in any store. For the illustrations,we selected three of our favorite photos among those we received this year from our group of professional photographers

Pretty Way to Bridge Seasons
1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
27-1/2 by 17-1/4 inches - “family size” 

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Pretty Way to Bridge Puzzle - 1,000 Piece

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